Friday, 7 October 2016

Zoella Apartment Experience

Zoella Apartment Experience 

Hey, guys! I've decided that every Friday I'm going to upload a blog post and to kick off this new schedule, I'm writing about my amazing Zoella apartment experience. I'm also going to do a video on my youtube channel but I thought that if I do a blog post then I can show you all my pictures.

I was very lucky and was one of the Instagram's competition winners and I was buzzing when I got a DM from the Zoella Beauty Instagram account! My friend Cecilia came with me because we were allowed to bring a friend and we travelled by train. 

We arrived around 15 minutes before our slot and the lady let us in the building straight away. The lady let Cecilia and me inside the actual apartment section of the building first. As we entered the room, a different lady was holding a mason jar filled with quotes rolled up and tied with ribbons and she said to Cecilia and me
"Take a piece of paper and you might win a hamper."
Guess what happened ... we both won a Christmas hamper! Inside our quote paper was another piece of paper (copper coloured) and it said that we had a prize waiting under the tree. 

After we won, we decided to look around the apartment. First, we entered the office; a grey and marble themed room. Inside it had: a shelving unit with all her new lifestyle products on to look at, a desk with stationary laid out on and there was a corkboard with a plethora of polaroid pictures pinned to it. A member of staff inside the office took a picture of Cecilia and me with the Instax Mini and we pinned our picture on the board which is now in Zoe's house! Another lady also took our picture and said that she was going to send it to Zoe because Zoe wanted to see all the people that came and see how everyone was enjoying the apartment.

Next, we went into the bedroom and smelt all of the new candles and room diffusers. My favourite scents were: Homemade Treats, Lazy Afternoon and My Eden. We also saw the new cushions which were on the bed and were super cute.

Afterwards, we headed off into the bathroom which contained lots of Zoe's new beauty products. I LOVE THE HAND GEL! We also went in the bath and it was filled with balls you get at children play areas. The original fragrance is one of my favourite scents so I love how she's brought out more products for the original line. 

Later on, we headed to the dining area and got to decorate a gingerbread man. Displayed on the table were beautiful glass bowls filled with sprinkles and piping icing. There was even edible glitter!

In the kitchen were some plates concealed with gingerbread men for the guests to eat as well as some of Zoe's Christmas products were displayed.

When we got to the living room area, a lady gave us a hand massage and she used Zoe's 'Hungry Hands' hand cream; now my favourite product. There was also a catalogue with all of Zoe's new products in so it was fun to flick through. Whilst I was exploring the apartment, I got to test out her new lip balms, 'Bake My Day' body spray and more.

All around the apartment were 'selfie spots' and those are places that they recommended to take pictures by, for example, the Zoella backdrop, Zoella cut out, the bed and more. The slot was an hour long so once the time was up, the lady from the beginning with the mason jar gave us our hamper's. 

Before we walked out the door to leave, we both got handed a signed goodie bag which came with lots of her new products (I'll show you them in my Zoella Apartment Experience video going up on Sunday! Link here).

Finally, we walked to the train station, bought some lunch from M&S, went inside the train to find a seat and ventured home.

That is everything that happened to me on that day. Don't forget to watch the video corresponding to this post because that'll include a haul of what I received and a mini vlog. Now I've spammed you with pictures I took so enjoy!

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