Thursday, 29 December 2016

Boxing Day Sales Haul

Today I'm going to show you what I bought in the boxing day sales. I know I haven't been blogging much in 2016 but I'm determined to blog more often in the new year. Soon I'll be posting a youtube/blog updates post on here so stay tuned for that. Everything in the sale section in Pink was a mess and I had to wait over an hour just to get into the lush store. Therefore, my shopping trip took me longer than I expected but I'm happy with what I purchased. For everything that I bought from lush, I'm going to write all of the original prices because that's what was on the receipt since all the prices were halved at the end.

Victoria Secret PINK

From Pink I bought one item and it's this hoodie. Them material isn't too thin or thick so it's good for all seasons, whether it's summer and you want something to throw on because it's a bit breezy or if it's winter and you want to wear this underneath a coat. I love the colour and the shiny silver logo's around the hoodie are so cute. Across the front of the hoodie, it says 'Pink' and it also has 'Pink' sewn onto the pocket. I actually found this under a pile of clothes on the floor so it pays off to search every where for the best pieces. This was £41.50 but in the sale, it cost me £20.50 which is £21 pounds cheaper! This was a great bargin and I'm thrilled to own my first 'Pink' hoodie. 


Firstly, out of all my lush goodies, I have the Santa Baby lip scrub. This scrub smells of cherry cola which I love. It is bright red, has little edible hearts on top and can leave your lips with a little red tint. The original price was £5.75 and I wouldn't pay that much for what is essentially sugar but for roughly £3 it was worth treating myself.

Next is the glorious Golden Wonder bath bomb. This shimmery present-shaped bath bomb has a very citrus and awakening scent to it. I've bought this before and, as you can see from the picture, there is a hint of blue coming through. This is because there are little bath bombs inside the main bath bomb which turn the water blue. The original price was £4.25.

On of the cutest bubble bars ever made is The Christmas Penguin. I think it smells very fresh and a bit citrussy. I've used this before and I got uses out of the bubble bar. The penguin's face just looks very sweet and the original price is £3.75
So White bath bomb is the only products out of the whole lush haul (I have used a So White bath bomb before but the one I used looked different and was a different colour in the bath). It smells like apples, hence why the bath bomb looks like an apple with an apple leaf on top. I see specks of blue coming through where some of the white powder has come off so I'm presuming that the water will turn blue. I'm very excited to try this as the one I tried a few years ago didn't change the water colour much and it looked very boring so I hope this is better than last time. The original price was £3.75.

Up next is the beautiful Magic Wand Re-usable Bubble Bar. It is pink with silver glitter and has the snow fairy scent - utterly girly. I love the cute bell and glittery ribbon which adds a magical touch. This is re-usable because you swirl the wand around your bath to make the water pink and create some bubbles. I've had this once before and I remember it crumbling to pieces after the third use because each time the star obviously gets smaller and eventually most of it fell off the stick, so hopefully it doesn't happen this time. You get around 4-6 baths out of it so I'm glad I bought this. The original price was £5.95.
Finally, I'm going to talk about my favourite Lush product of all time ... Snow Fairy! I love the bright pink colour and label, especially as most Lush labels are black and white so it makes this more special. There is iridescent glitter running through the shower gel which I think makes it carry on the fairy theme. The scent to me is a mixture of candy floss and pear drops. I bought the 500g bottles mainly because they ran out of the 1kg bottles but 500g is still quite a lot and should last me a long time. The original price was £12.95.

In total, I would've spent £36.60, but I actually spent £18.30 in Lush, since all the Christmas products were half price. However, I spent over an hour just to get into my local store so I had to treat myself.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you bought in the boxing day sales in the comment section.

-Tia xxx

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