Monday, 23 November 2015

December Wishlist

Hi guys. So today I'm starting a new series on my blog which is my wish list posts. Each month i will post things that i would like to buy. Note that this is not my christmas list and these are things that I'm saving up for.

The first thing on my list is the Sprinkle of Glitter diary because I want to become more organised. With this, hopefully, I can start to plan things out and get everything that needs doing, done. I love the design and the layout inside and overall, it is very useful. 

I really want to get a casual dress and when I saw this on the new look website, I fell in love. I'm not sure which colour I prefer so I'll have to look in store. I can already imagine outfits that I'm going to wear with this and I'm very excited to hopefully own this. 

If I end up buying this, it will be my first full sized benefit product. I have very oily skin and i feel very conscious of it and this product is supposed to get rid off excess oils on your skin. Therefore, my skin will look a lot nicer. 

I love starbucks, I love lush and anything to do with either of these is a win win. Lush released a load of new products in the summer and this one caught my eye. It sounds really good and I can't wait to try it. 

For my birthday, I was given the naked basics palette and I don't have many good quality eye shadow brushes so if I buy this, then I will have a good collection. I love real techniques as they are so soft and they are a trust worthy brand.

I was watching Tanya Burr's wardrobe tour video and I saw her beautiful shoe collection and I realised that I have no smart shoes that actually fit me. I have about 6 pairs of flat shoes which I'd wear to town but nothing for a special occasion. These are so pretty and, as they are on sale, they are a right bargin!

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