Thursday, 22 October 2015

Lush Unboxing

Hello my lovelies  

So this is my first Official post on my brand new blog. I got sent a lush gift set from the app feels after winning one of their twitter competitions. All i had to do was upload a beauty themed video to their app and I won. I am very grateful and am not trying to show off. They didn't ask me to make a blogpost but i really wanted to as i wanted to use my mum's camera. Anyway, so lets get into the products.

 The set is called 'Hello Gorgeous'.  The box has a pattern of flowers, birds, leaves and bees giving a very vintage look. Plus the pretty pink ribbon adds an extra girly touch.


 I'm going to talk about the products in picture order. Firstly, I have the Sakura bath bomb. It is white with pink and green sections as well as on top there are lots of green popping candy pieces. It smells quite sweet, floral and very relaxing. It doesn't leave much colour in the bath but it was very calming and makes your skin feel soft.
Next is Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion. As the name states, it smells of vanilla but its a warm vanilla and smells quite mature. It sinks in quickly and makes my skin so smooth.
Rub rub rub body scrub is so cool. I love the bright blue colour as it makes it that bit more fun. The scent is very fresh and is okay, not my usual but its something different. It is a salt scrub so it should be very good as getting rid of all your dead skin cells and is probably quite rough. Although this is only my first impression as i haven't tried it out yet as I'm trying to use up my Zoella body scrub currently.
I love the fragrance of The Comforter bubble bar. I haven't used this specific one but i have used it in the past. If I was invited to a party by some fruit, then this is what the party would smell like. It's so fun and powerful. Also, it makes your bath a Ribena black current colour. It makes so many bubbles and because it's so big, you can use it loads.
Finally, I'm going to review the Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser. As i said in my haul video , I'm not too keen on the scent, however my face always feels incredibly soft. it feels very rich and luxurious. My only problem is that i spilt some on my carpet so now i only have half the tiny pot left :(

Overall It is an amazing gift set and I'm so thankful to Feels. Click here to find their twitter. Also, click here so see my haul video which is on my main youtube channel. Don't forget to follow my blog on blogger and bloglovin. 

Love Tia xxx

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