Sunday, 10 July 2016

I MET OLI WHITE! Generation Next Book Tour Experience

Hey guys. So on the 28th May 2016, I went to the Emerites stadium to meet Oli White.
 If you didn't know, Oli is my favourite male youtuber so when he announced his book tour, I had to buy tickets. The ticket cost £12.99 and the website fees cost around £1.55 so it was about £14.54 (I think) so you pay for a book and meeting Oli is free. My mum and I travelled to london by train and the took the underground to Arsenal tube station. The stadium was close to the tube station so we just walked to Emerites stadium. 
I got there at 11:07, by the way the ticket said not to arrive before 11 otherwise you'd be sent away, and the queue was already half way aroudn the outside of the satdium.  I think that people that came early were allowed to stay there which is a bit unfair considering they didn't follow the rules but, never the less, everyone that paid for a ticket would still meet him no matter where the were in the line. Once I finally got inside, I gave my ticket to a man and then some staff handed me a bottle of figi water, a chocolate biscuit and a wristband. Inside, there were TV's on the wall which were playing Oli's videos and reposting tweets with the  . Finally, the lady handed me my signed book and ten ... it was my turn to meet Oli. I literally only had about 10 seconds with him but it was amazing. I spoke to him and he vlogged on my phone whihc was the best. After my turn was over, my mum and I went and looked around London.
If you'd like to see my vlog, then click here  .

I had the best day and I'm so proud of Oli

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