Saturday, 21 May 2016

The scrapbook of my life review

The scrapbook of my life
Alfie Deyes

One of my new years resolutions is to read more books so I thought that I'd start doing book reviews. 

Today I'm reviewing 'The scrapbook of my life' by Alfie Deyes. This is an autobiography about Alfie growing up and what he's accomplished so far in his life. Alfie is a daily vlogger, so you get to see his life a lot, but you might not know much about his life before youtube so this book explains some of his earliest memories. You get to find out funny stories which you wouldn't already know, as well as he also talks about how some of his desicions have impacted his life today. The book also has some pages for you to fill out along with inpirational quotes to motivate you. There is also an app which goes with the book so if you scan certain icons with the app, exclusive videos and pictures come up for you to see.

I like how the pages are layed out as well as, all the little doodles and scribbles make it more like a real diary/scrapbook. I haven't downloaded the app, since I don't have enough storage on my iPad and I like to keep my phone quite simple, but it's a really good idea so you get even more content.  The book has chapters on major events, like moving house and starting schools etc, but it also includes funny little stories which make the book more personal. Each chapter is really entertaining and every tale is interesting.

I'd recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Alfie or someone who likes a light read. It's quick to get through and good for any age. What's your favourite genre of book?

Tia xxx

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