Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mac Lipstick Collection 2015

Hi guys. Today's post is my mac lipstick collection. It's not the biggest so I didn't want to film a video because it wouldn't be very long but a blog post would just be perfect to explain things quickly. Disclaimer: I'm not trying to show off. One my mum bought me and the rest were from my lovely friends for my birthday.

Left to right: Fanfare, Rebel, Mehr, Velvet teddy

Fanfare is a beautiful pinky shade. It is a creme sheen formula so it's very moisturising on your lips.      To me, its a your lips but better shade so it just makes your lips look fuller but still natural.
Rebel is a dark berry, purply shade. It looks really nice with a natural eye look because your lips will    pop and has a pretty shine.
Mehr is quite similar to fanfare but has more purply tones and is matte. This has a very 'polished and      clean' look on your lips.
Velvet teddy is a browny nude shade. The picture is making it look quite orangey but in real life its a bit more peachy than brown and again is matte.

I love all my MAC lipsticks and am hoping to be able to expand my collection. Do you have any Mac lipsticks? If so, comment them down below.

Love, Tia xxx

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